I.C.A.R. has been established in 1970 by three Maniago’s craftsmen, very skilled in the production of cutlery, and started its productive activity in 1972. The factory – owned by the company- has a covered area of about 2.500 square meters. The employees are now about 40.

The main feature of the production is its realization through hot-drop forging of a unique piece of steel, process that gives to the product high mechanical strenght and satisfy important technical requirements.

The core activity is the production of finished, semifinished and parts. In particular:


  • Domestic, kitchen, sewing and other purposes scissors
  • Table, kitchen and professional knives with bolster
  • Other kitchen tools like poultry shears and meat forks
  • Special blades for professional metal shears and for pruning shears
  • Parts of climbing tools, like ice-axes and crampons.

The clients are Italian European and from U.S.A. and the main clients are important brands in their business sector.

The company has been non-stop technologically updated and in the last years has been equipped with CAD/CAM projecting system and CNC machinery such as Milling machines, EDM wire and plunge machines for the fabrication of the necessary tooling.

Also boasts the use of CNC last generation hammers of German company “LASCO”, considered the best machine for precision forging on market and one of them is enslaved by automation system consisting of three manlike robots of the “KUKA”, wich perform and control the entire cycle of forging.

The finishing departments are equipped with PLC and CNC machines for the grinding and polishing of surfaces, wich ensure a high level of precision and quality.

The manpower is experienced and skilled, capable to perform manual operations with extreme accuracy and to intervene in the mechanized processes with the necessary abilities.

The client can give an idea, a prototype or something similar and have its product in high quality standard, he can also verify the product evolution since the design stage to the realization one and possibly modify the project or the requirements  during construction.

In other terms we “Forge Your Ideas….” and not only.


I.C.A.R. S.r.l.- Via Maniago, 101 - 33085 Maniago (PN) Italy - Zona Industriale     

Tel. 0039 0427.71106 - Fax 0039 0427.700171  e - mail info@icarforgiati.it   Reg.Impr.PN/Cod. Fisc. e Partita IVA IT00101420933 - R.E.A. n. 13892 CCIAA PN - Mecc. PN 000642 - Cap.Soc. Euro 30.987,60 int.vers.